Join us at the welcome table as the UNC-Chapel Hill community examines food and food studies in the 2015-2017 university-wide academic theme. “Food for All: Local and Global Perspectives” calls for the University and all of its members and resources to mobilize around a common issue facing our society. An outgrowth of the 2011 Academic Plan, “Food for All” provides a seamless segue from Carolina’s first and most recent pan-university theme, “Water in our World.”

This website is a cornucopia of campus, community, and regional resources at the heart of Carolina’s vibrant food studies programs, food-related research, and public engagement.

The spring 2015 "Carolina Cooks, Carolina Eats" course included a meal at Crook's Corner, Chapel Hill, NC.

The spring 2015 “Carolina Cooks, Carolina Eats” course included a meal at Crook’s Corner, Chapel Hill, NC.

Here you will find information on food studies faculty, courses, and degree programs at UNC-Chapel Hill, library resources for food-related research, and information about food-related organizations, projects, services, and events on campus and in the community.

Check back often for updates on food-related opportunities for study, blog posts, micro-grants, “Food for All”-sponsored activities, and answers to crucial questions like, “How can I get fresh air, wiggle my toes in the dirt, savor a Sungold tomato, feel good about giving back to Carolina, and not miss class?” Answer: “Volunteer at the Carolina Campus Community Garden, a 5-minute walk from center campus.”