Kale GardenJoin us at the welcome table as the UNC-Chapel Hill community examines food and food studies in the 2015-2017 university-wide academic theme. “Food for All: Local and Global Perspectives” calls for the University and all of its members and resources to mobilize around a common issue facing our society. An outgrowth of the 2011 Academic Plan, “Food for All” provides a seamless segue from Carolina’s first and most recent pan-university theme, “Water in our World.”

  1. The University as food systems innovator
  2. Teaching and learning about food
  3. The contribution of food to health promotion and disease prevention
  4. Food access/food justice
  5. The documentation of food cultures and history

In this website, we’ve created a cornucopia of campus, community, and regional resources at the heart of Carolina’s vibrant food studies programs, food-related research, and public engagement. Here you will find information on food studies faculty, courses, and degree programs at UNC-Chapel Hill, library resources for food-related research, and information about food-related organizations, projects, services, and events on campus and in the community.

Check back often for updates on food-related opportunities for study, blog posts, micro-grants, “Food for All”-sponsored activities, and answers to crucial questions like, “How can I get fresh air, wiggle my toes in the dirt, savor a Sungold tomato, feel good about giving back to Carolina, and not miss class?” Answer: “Volunteer at the Carolina Campus Community Garden, a 5-minute walk from center campus.”