Welcome fellow food and film lovers!  In Fall 2015, UNC-Chapel Hill’s Media Resources Center (MRC) curated a “menu” of film selections. These films are available to watch online and many are also available in the MRC collection. Explore the MRC’s film selections in Supping in the South, Noshing Around North Carolina and The Triangle.

About the film curators: Katelyn and Winifred are 2/6 of the awesome full time staff at the Media Resources Center.  We love good food and exploring food culture on both a local and global level.  When Food for All was announced as the new University-wide theme for 2015-2017, we knew this would be a great opportunity to combine our personal interests (foodways, food access, culinary arts, nutrition, agriculture) with our work at the MRC (building and managing a research level film and media collection for UNC).  Winifred is a bit of a foodie, wine connoisseur and a serious film buff – she has seen almost every known (and sometimes unknown!) food documentary and feature film related to food.  Katelyn calls Durham – one of  “America’s Next Hot Food Cities” (according to Zagat) home, and is a big fan of many of the restaurants that make the area such a delicious place to live.  She can often be found volunteering at the Durham Farmer’s Market or the Carolina Campus Community Garden.


The Media Resources Center (MRC):   You can find us in the heart of campus, nestled in the basement of the House Undergraduate Library.   Home to more than 60,000 titles on DVD, Blu-ray or streaming online, you’ll be happy to hear that many of these films pertain to food, global banquet, foodways, and agriculture.  That means you could probably watch a different movie with every meal during your tenure at UNC and still not exhaust the collection.  And, when you’re ready to get off the couch or out of the kitchen and make a food flick, agri-doc or video restaurant review for yourself – we’ve got you covered; the MRC provides a full suite of media production gear and an ample editing lab complete with a full menu of related equipment and instruction.