Want to enroll in a food-related course at Carolina? You’ve come to the right place.  At Carolina, you can study the food cultures of the Tar Heel State, American Foodways, sustainable, local food systems, food and culture in Japan, the intersection of agriculture, food law and policy, the prehistoric foodways of the early southeastern Indians, and much more.  Explore food-related courses, degree programs, and faculty.

UNC-Chapel Hill Libraries offer a wealth of food-related resources to support the research, teaching, publication, and study of faculty, students, and community members.  Explore UNC’s Library family and their rich food-related collections across disciplines from archaeology, anthropology, art, and history to business/entrepreneurship, government, health, law, journalism, and the sciences.


A panel at the 2016 Carolina Food Summit, presented by “Food for All” and other key partners. Photo by Adam Lau.