Carolina Cupboard provides food assistance to individuals of the Carolina community be they student, staff, or faculty by acquiring and distributing food to those in need on the UNC campus. The purpose of Carolina Cupboard is multidimensional in that it seeks to provide hunger-relief as well as educating, empowering, and engaging the surrounding community on issues related to food insecurity, poverty, and health & nutrition. The Carolina Cupboard is located in Avery Residence Hall, 295 Ridge Road, Basement Room #BC, Chapel Hill, NC 27599.

Carolina Eats is a student-led food blog, highlighting local food organizations and restaurants.  President and Editor:  Abby Reimer.   Contact:

The Environmental Affairs Committee is a committee within student government.  The EAC composting subcommittee works to expand the Residential Hall Composting program to all UNC communities, as well as to increase awareness and the use of Lenoir composting stations.

EcoReps is a student led organization that is committed to providing campus-wide peer-to-peer outreach and support of UNC Chapel Hill’s many sustainable practices, programs, and initiatives.  Coordinator: Kathia Toledo.  Contact:

FLO (Fair, Local, Organic) FOOD
FloFLO Food is a student organization dedicated to educating students about the food system and fostering a healthy and sustainable food culture on UNC’s campus. Our efforts range from organizing campus Farmers’ Markets to putting on residential dorm cooking classes to visiting local farms for experiential learning opportunities.  We also work to ensure that Carolina Dining Services are held accountable for providing healthy and sustainable options for students.   Contact:

The Food Recovery Network aims to reduce food waste by recovering leftover food from the dining halls and local restaurants around campus to give to local shelters.  President:  Katie Nuccio. Contact:

GoMeals! works to eliminate food waste in the Greek system by giving it to people who really need it.  President:  Maggie Brownrigg.  Contact:

Graduate Research and Intervention in The South—is an interdisciplinary student organization that focuses on the strengths and challenges unique to health promotion in the American South.  GRITS collaborates across graduate schools and departments to bring in speakers and events including lectures, panel discussions, film screenings and networking opportunities that highlight best practices in domestic health promotion.  Contact:  Learn More (.doc) >>

HopeGardensHOPE Gardens is a student-run hybrid community garden and urban farm that seeks to bridge the gaps between all residents in Chapel Hill. Co-Chairs: Madison Alexander, Catherine Swift and Cade Underwood.  Contact:

HUNGER LUNCH (Nourish International Venture)
Hunger Lunch is the primary venture for Nourish International’s UNC chapter. Hunger Lunch helps students by providing a healthy lunch at a low cost and our local community by helping give jobs to men who are on the road to recovery and financial independence.  Contact:

NourishNourish International operates out of a social entrepreneurship model, partnering with local organizations to run small-scale business ventures like Hunger Lunch, Sprout, and Global Music Jam. The profits from these projects are used to implement sustainable, grassroots development projects with community-based partners in other regions.  Co-chairs:  Leah Berolzheimer and Hannah Smith. Contact: or

SpoonUSpoon University is a food-centric, buzzfeed style blog specifically intended for student readers and writers.  Manager:  Brooke Bekoff. Contact:

SPROUT (Nourish International Venture)
Sprout partners with local, sustainable farms to provide fresh, seasonal produce available for pick-up on campus.  This venture supports our local economy and food system while making healthy food more accessible to students and faculty.  Contact:

SonderMarketThe Sonder Market is a student-run worker-consumer not-for-profit cooperative that brings local, affordable, and healthy food directly to UNC’s campus, fosters relationships between consumers and farmers, and provides vocational opportunities for agricultural entrepreneurs looking for change.  Founder & Co-partner:  Marisa Scavo. Contact:

TarHeelTableTar Heel TABLE is a nonprofit student organization that raises funds, increases awareness and connects the campus and community with TABLE in Carrboro, which provides food to hungry children in the area and teaches them about healthy food options.  Co-chairs:  Gayatri Rathod and Kacy Yount. Contact:

For more information on student organizations at UNC-Chapel Hill, visit the Carolina Union